Daniel Drak

I am first and foremost a designer.

But I do not design in a traditional sense.

For example, while I do work in fashion, I am not a fashion designer.

What that means is, I apply design principles vis-a-vis design thinking to various scenarios.

When there is a problem to solve or an opportunity to improve, chances are a solution can be designed.

That is what I do – I design solutions.

More About Design

I want to make the world a better place

What I do

It is a privilege to work on the breadth of projects that come my way.

While I work in various roles in diverse fields, I am always accountable for the following:


From initial strategy development to subsequent strategy amendments, I look at big picture objectives and ensure that projects are moving towards their ultimate goals


My success as derived majorly from my desire to make people happy. By focusing on the desires and objectives of the public, or users, we can ensure the success of our projects


Problem solving is both stressful and thrilling. By sourcing knowledge and strategy from diverse scenarios and practically applying them to a project's unique context, we discover unique and solid solutions

My commitment to both for-profit and social initiatives informs both where I think the world is headed and where I want to be.









Here is the design work that I am a part of:

Design for Creatives

A lot of creative spaces overlook design in favour of aesthetics. When working with creatives, I strive to ensure that the work is as beneficial to human well-being as possible.

Design for Academia

Academia is vital to our growth but it is often inaccessible to the public. I work to mobilize academic work for the masses, often by pressing for creative components in dissemination.

Design for Business

The business landscape is changing and we have to innovate new business models to stay ahead of that change. Design is fundamental to the new economy.

Social Design

Socially responsible work is critical to our future. I aim to design opportunities to increase the effectiveness of such work.

Strategic Design

Strategy is fundamental to our success. Using strategic design to formulate battle plans is a deep love of mine.

Service Design

We can maximize human well-being and increase our performance through considerations of empathetic service design.


In approaching my work, I rely on the following design thinking methodology to ensure positive outcomes

  • Empathize / Research

    Empathize with all stakeholders and research the context thoroughly so that new opportunities present themselves

  • Ideate

    Brainstorm ideas and develop concepts that seek to maximize the benefits of available opportunities

  • Design / Prototype

    Turn concepts into practical designs and prototypes that can be tested for effectiveness

  • Test

    Test prototypes with users/stakeholders to discover how the design can be improved to meet user needs

  • Launch / Measure

    Launch the design and measure its success to ensure it is actually benefiting stakeholders and repeat testing/launch phases as necessary!

A Short History

For a more detailed Curriculum Vitae, please contact me

For now, here is a little about my past:

Honours Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communication '13

Honours Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communication '13

Ryerson University, Toronto
Attaining Masters of Science in Strategic Design & Management '16

Attaining Masters of Science in Strategic Design & Management '16

Parsons The New School for Design, New York City
Social Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Drakbarry

Social Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Drakbarry

Toronto & New York City

And here are some more of the experiences that have made me, me:



Masters of Science, Strategic Design and Management
Parsons The New School for Design
New York City
Expected completion in 2016

2009 – 2013

Bachelor of Design (Honours), Fashion Communication
Ryerson University

Work Experience


Toronto & New York City

2013 – 2014

Marketing Coordinator
Ryerson University, School of Fashion

2013 – 2014

Research Associate
Ryerson University

2012 – 2013

Research Assistant
Ryerson University


Fashion Event Management Assistant
Ryerson University, School of Fashion


Here is a lot of what I have brought and can bring to the table

A sampling of some of the major events I’ve produced

  • Ryerson University’s Mass Exodus – 2014
  • Diversity NOW! – 2013
  • West Park Healthcare Centre’s Panache 2013 Fashion Show – 2013
  • Christopher Raeburn Lecture – 2013
  • M: A Men’s Fashion Presentation – 2013
  • West Park Healthcare Centre’s Panache 2012 Fashion Show – 2012
  • Ryerson University’s Mass Exodus 2012: LUCID – 2012
  • Ryerson University’s Mass Exodus 2011: Zenith + Nadir – 2011
  • Toronto Fashion Week’s Ryerson Show – 2010


  • All
  • Business
  • Leadership
  • Production
  • Research
  • Sustainability
  • Well-Being


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